Side Events

All side events will take place at the Edmonton Chess Club:
#204, 10840 124 St. Edmonton, AB

GM Irina Krush Lecture

Date: Friday, June 20, 6 pm start.
Length: The lecture will be one hour long. 
Cost: $10

GM Krush registered attendees list:
(only those who paid are listed here
come early to secure your spot).

1. GM Wesley So
2. Micah Hughey
3. Leah Hughey
4. Vlad Rekhson
5. Ali Razzaq
6. Ildiko Grossmann
7.  Stefan Grossmann
8.  Lenard Grossmann
9.  Terry Seehagen
10. Sean Mah
11. Mohammad Salehian
12. Joseph Young
13. Tristan Tran-Ly
14. Michelle Mo
15. Suresh Kadavil
16. Rick Pedersen
17. Dustin Koperski
18. Marcelo Del Castillo
19. Julian Lau
20. Thomas Liebrecht
21. Andi Superceanu
22. Bogdan Superceanu
23. Kevin Smith
24. Wayne Reichert

GM Wesley So Simul:

GM Wesley So will play up to 20 players simultaneously on June 20th at 7 pm (immediately after GM Krush's lecture). 
Maximum rating for the simul is: 2000!

Simul cost: $10

Attendees of both GM Krush lecture and the GM So simul pay only: $15 for both events.

Pre-registration to the simul is recommended as it is on first come first serve basis, and it may sell out since you don't get to play a 2700 every day!

To secure your spot please pay Terry Seehagen, or Micah Hughey at the Edmonton Chess Club.  You can also send a cheque to the Edmonton Chess Club (address above).  Please ensure to include your name and what the cheque is for.  Cheques  should be sent no later than June 15th and if the final spot is booked before the cheque arrives, it will be returned to you.
Otherwise, the payment is final and no refunds will be issued in case of cancellation.

Pre-registered list for the GM Wesley So simul:
(Only those who paid are listed here).

1. Terry Seehagen
2. Leah Hughey
3. Mohammad Salehian
4. Sean Mah
5. Lenard Grossmann
6. Joseph Young
7. Tristan Tran-Ly
8. Michelle Mo
9. Suresh Kadavil
10. Rick Pedersen
11. Dustin Koperski
12. Marcelo Del Castillo
13. Thomas Liebrecht
14. Andi Superceanu
15. Bogdan Superceanu
16. Kevin Smith
17. Wayne Reichert
18. Ali Razzaq
19. Julian Lau

Edmonton International Blitz

Date: Saturday, June 21st.  Registration: 12:30-12:50 pm.  Start 1 pm. 
Expected end time: 3 pm.
Format: either 5 rounds of Doube Swiss, or 9 rounds of Single Swiss (will be determined on-site).  One section for everyone.
Time control: 3 minutes plus 2 seconds increment per move.
Entry fee: $10 per player, all will go towards prizes.

Blitz Pre-registered list:

1. GM Anton Kovalyov
2. GM Sam Shankland
3. NM Vlad Rekhson
4. NM Micah Hughey
5. NM Sardul Purewal
6. Dante Briones
7. Tristan Tran-Ly
8. Joseph Young
9. Mohammed Salehian
10. Patrick Angelo Tolentino
11. Andre Angelo Tolentino
12. Khino Angelo Tolentino
Event Sponsors

1498413 Alberta Incorporated
Dale Haessel, President
"The first and last name in Software Development"

Peter and Dawn

Sardul Purewal

Robert Brazeau

Ali Razzaq

Joskin Cleto

Peter Luna

You can have your, or your company's name added to this list for as little as: $100

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